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New Webinar Series from Forester University!


At Forester University we bring the experts to you! Join our faculty of industry experts in our new live webinar series exploring the innovation, application, and management of current and future technologies, practices, and regulations.

Brush up on your skills or learn something new while earning CEU and PDH credits! Our lineup includes interactive industry-specific and industry-spanning topics designed to qualify for CEU and PDH.

Banks, Insurance and Financing

Understanding the Basics of Insurance


Insurance is an important part of modern life. It provides protection and financial security in the face of unexpected events. Whether it's insuring a car, home, or business or protecting against illness, disability, or death, insurance plays a critical role in helping policyholders manage risk.

But for many people, the world of insurance can be confusing and dark. To make things easier for you, we will provide a clear overview of the basics of insurance, including its types, working mechanisms, and tips on selecting the right insurance policy.

The Benefits of Saving for Retirement Early


Retirement savings may not be an exciting topic, but it's a vital one. By starting early and consistently setting aside money, you can make your retirement age a golden age, just like it should be. Let's take a look at statistics on the topic, explore the importance of saving for retirement, and offer tips and options for starting your own retirement savings journey regardless of your budget.

What Is a Credit Score and How to Improve It?


A credit score is a crucial component of your financial health. It may seem that your credit rating is important only if you're going to get a loan in the future. However, its importance goes beyond borrowing.

Your credit score influences not only your ability to get a credit card or apply for a mortgage. Additionally, you can face problems trying to rent a house or even get a job associated with finances. That is why it's crucial to maintain your rating at an acceptable level and always keep track of it. Let's find out what is considered good credit and how you can bring your rating to this level.

The Future of Banking: How Technology is Shaping the Industry


Banking has been an integral part of our lives for centuries, and it has evolved significantly over time. The traditional methods of banking are now rapidly being replaced by new technologies and innovations. The future of banking looks promising with the rise of digital currencies, mobile banking, and the emergence of fintech startups. Explore the future of banking, emerging trends, and how these changes will affect consumers and businesses.

Webinars and Events

Applying Process Improvement to Waste Diversion


Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), compost facilities, and other waste diversion operations are essentially factories. In fact, because materials pass through multiple, repetitive steps, diversion and recycling operations have the closest ties to the typical factory Land with process improvement tools and techniques and opportunities.

Certificate in Commercial Credit & Lending


The seminar includes training videos to improve your knowledge and get the necessary credits for the certification. This course will offer you information about the private sector, legal statements and will answer you why people and businesses borrow. You will find out more than the pros and cons of guaranteed payday loans. Register now and become a professional!

Global Financial Markets and Instruments


Presenters: Henrietta Locklear, Senior Manager, Raftelis Financial Consultants Inc.

Join our course on Global Financial Markets and Instruments for a comprehensive 4-modules on-demand master class series to make your first steps in financial investments.

The Top Ten Stormwater Utility Launch Failures & How to Avoid Them


Since the nation's first stormwater utility was established in 1974, many successful stormwater utilities reap the benefits of dedicated revenue to appropriately manage their stormwater needs. But, not all stormwater utilities succeed, especially those set up from failure from the start!

Join Andy Reese, PE, LEED AP, as he explores the top ten ways that stormwater utilities fail to get off the ground successfully, and more importantly…how to avoid these.

Post-Construction Stormwater BMPs Master Class Series


With land development exploding at a rate more than double our population growth, well-designed and maintained stormwater BMPs are essential for every community. But, proper design and construction of stormwater BMPs isn't as easy as it looks. After all, we're not talking your standard soil grading and planting project.

Join our panel of stormwater industry experts for a comprehensive 5-session on-demand master class series exploring the A-to-Z of post-construction stormwater BMPs design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and green infrastructure practices from across the U.S. and beyond.

Clean Streets Mean Clean Streams


Improve your street cleaning and stormwater quality program by joining internationally renowned sweeping expert, Roger Sutherland, as he explores the science behind the relationship between an effective street sweeping program and its ability to significantly reduce pollutants found in stormwater.

Join Sutherland as he starts at the source of the problem – “Street Dirt” – exploring the contaminated sediment-like material that accumulates on urban streets and highways, the pollutants it contains, and its chemical and physical characteristics that influence the effectiveness of a cleaning program.

Top Three Most Effective Marketing Leadership Strategies


In this webcast, we'll introduce the subject through the theory of the 4 Ps of the Marketing matrix and the components of the marketing plan. Within this discussion, Casadonte will outline the three most effective marketing leadership strategies that suit the needs of the modern consumer and today's businesses' possibilities.