A New Way of Stormwater Management
Applying Asset Management to Stormwater Programs

Presenter: Ed Othmer, PE, CPESC, CPSWQ, QSP/D, ToR
Sponsored by: URS Corporation
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEUs

A New Way of Stormwater Management

Aging infrastructure, stringent stormwater quality requirements, and budgetary and workforce constraints demand a new approach to stormwater management. Join Ed Othmer for a FREE webinar exploring a new, “holistic” approach to stormwater management that integrates planning, implementation, and assessment of flood control and water quality protection programs into a single cohesive stormwater management structure. This new approach optimizes resources and integrates municipal management decisions to justify funding needs. Within this discussion, Mr. Othmer will outline how to establish a long-range planning document offering a rational framework within which:

In this webcast, we’ll discuss how establishing Watershed Asset Management Plans (WAMPs) is an effective way to manage program needs at a watershed level and can serve as a road map ensuring that actions and activities addressing flood control and water quality align across municipal departments.  We’ll explore how a WAMP provides a vehicle to identify and prioritize potential water quality and flood control challenges, evaluate opportunities for integrating water quality and flood control management into municipal projects and operations and maintenance (O&M) activities within the watershed, and provide an opportunity for public participation.  We’ll outline how a WAMP enables an organization to have the information required to make the right decision, at the right time, at the right cost, for the right reason. 

Join Ed Othmer to learn how implementing these core asset management processes, stormwater managers will gain knowledge of the assets owned, the remaining useful life to manage, the amount of investment required, and the business risk it faces. The key benefits of this approach are listed below.

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives:

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