Global Financial Markets and Instruments

Presenters: Henrietta Locklear, Senior Manager, Raftelis Financial Consultants Inc.


Global Financial Markets and Instruments

Technology development has revolutionized the financial sector. Considering the markets' rhythm, are you aware of the latest trends in the global financial market?

Join our course on Global Financial Markets and Instruments for a comprehensive 4-modules on-demand master class series to make your first steps in financial investments.

In this 5-session series, we'll start with a look at the key elements of a working economy. You will get introduced to the financial instruments and learn how to use them wisely. Afterward, the course will approach the global financial markets, discussing the diversity and the specifics of each one. When you get a solid impression of what markets are, the lecturer will explain how do they work in reality. The last module will focus on trading mechanisms, also introducing the most important tools for an investor.

The course consists of four 1-1.5 hour on-demand seminars and a Q&A session. The course is designed in an on-demand format, allowing the participants to attend at any time. At Forester University's Master Class SeriesMiss a lecture, we provide modern solutions for our students. The seminars are recorded, and students can re-watch the course.

Learning Goals
  • Introduction to financial analysis tools for the stock market
  • Introduction to global financial markets
  • Learning how to compare markets
  • Introduction to trading mechanisms
  • Trends of the industry
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