Applying Process Improvement to Waste Diversion

Module 4 of the Process Improvement for Solid Waste Facilities Master Class Series

Presenter: Neal Bolton President, Blue Ridge Services



Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU


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Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), compost facilities, and other waste diversion operations are essentially factories. In fact, because materials pass through multiple, repetitive steps, diversion and recycling operations have the closest ties to the typical factory…and with process improvement tools and techniques and opportunities.

Join Neal Bolton for the fourth session in our 4-session Process Improvement for Solid Waste Facilities Master Class Series exploring how you can implement process improvement and its tools within your waste diversion operations (e.g., recycling, green waste processing, composting, MRFs, etc.) to optimize your operations, efficiency, flow, and savings.

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at recycling facilities (simple, voluntary drop-offs to complex automated MRFs), their activities, their natural integration with systems like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, and the many opportunities within these for process improvement and savings. Additionally we’ll examine organics processing facilities (waste facilities and stand-alone), their multi-step and labor intensive activities (e.g., chipping, grinding, mulching, composting, etc.), the associated equipment and tasks (e.g., loaders, grinders, trommels, windrow turners, etc.), and the opportunities for process improvement (e.g., reduced material handling, etc.). Within both these discussions we’ll also explore how you can design a mass diagram to identify waste flow and optimize diversion operations by targeting high-priority materials.

Learning Objectives

Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Understand the Theory of Constraints in regards to material flow
  • Learn how process improvement can improve diversion operations
  • Understand mass diagrams and how it can identify waste flow at a MRF or organics processing facility
  • Learn how to optimize diversion operations by targeting high-priority materials

Process Improvement for Solid Waste Facilities

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