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Fraser Allport
Energy, Water, and Taxes LLC

Fraser Allport brings 30 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to Forester University with working expertise in 21st Century Green Technologies, Project Financing, Performance Contracts, Post-Project Opportunities, and Tax Reduction. As the CEO of Energy, Water, and Taxes LLC in Miami, Florida, a Consulting firm that reduces energy, water, and tax bills for retrofits and new construction worldwide, Fraser is currently involved in the design, financing, implementation, and post-project servicing of cost-saving green projects for commercial properties. Fraser is an accomplished speaker and educator, having presented and educated internationally since 1982.

Born in 1959 and raised in Connecticut, Mr. Allport graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in 1982, and has been a business owner and entrepreneur ever since. With 30 years of experience and capabilities, Fraser's strategic alliances and team-building Leadership skills give you access to the world's best People, Information, Technology, and Financing for Energy, Water, and Tax Efficiency.

Mr. Allport is a Futurist and Deming disciple who has created a unique business model and value proposition for designing and implementing cost-saving green capital improvement projects at commercial properties. Energy, Water, and Taxes LLC's mission is to design, implement, and service cost-saving green projects that generate positive cash flow from Day 1, and for these projects to also have a long-term positive impact on that property’s productivity, profitability, NOI, brand, and market  value.

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